Get Your small business on track to grow...

the sky is the limit

You started your small business to accomplish something; and it’s not just about the profit!

We help you plan for your success, and then we are there with you, helping you understand your business and results, and helping you make decisions that fuel your success…


We help you identify and set the goals that will set your business higher, and deliver the objectives you started the business for.


We help translate your company’s actual performance to help you keep your business in check and working towards your goals.

Reporting & Compliance

From Financial Statements to tax returns and financial analysis, we keep your business compliant to its stakeholders, but most importantly, accountable to your goals.

“Working with an accountant will help you succeed”

Accounting is about ensuring accountability to those with a vested interest in your business; and who as a bigger interest in your company than you?

Putting numbers in the right boxes is only a part of the process; an accountant will help you author the context of your business that delivers the story of your success… don’t be without one!

Our Process

Understand Your Way of Working

We learn and adjust to your way of work. We will come to you, in your world, and get you up-to-date, compliant, and ready to grow in a way that fits your crazy, entrepreneurial world.

Understand Your Goals

OK, profit has something to do with it, but if it was just about being paid for your time, there are easier ways to make a buck; we help you spec out what you want to accomplish in whatever currency that is, be it financial or otherwise, and we will help you set the goals, metrics, and plans to steer you there.


We will help you track your business performance, and help you understand your distinct advantage, and the opportunities for you to exploit to succeed.


We give you that peace of mind. We are there when you need to bounce the big or small decisions off the wall; we bring expertise to help you be successful one decision at a time… and the best part…

“We don’t charge to chat at Blue Sky! Why let money get in the way of understanding and success?”

Our Services


To help your business stay accountable to your objectives, in the currency that matters to you!

Tax Planning & Preparation

Keep your tax expenses to a minimum and optimize your hard-earned profits. We help write and maintain the context of your business.


Helping entrepreneurs bring substance and design companies and initiatives to be sucessful from the ground-up.

Controlling Services

Part-time controller and accounting department or controller-on-call services, to help you keep the profits you earn and make all your efforts count.

Let’s get to work and make your company a success.


2-1016 Pape Ave
Toronto, ON  
M4K 3V9

Hours: Wed to Friday
9am-3pm by appointment


171 Main St. South, Unit 2
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 3Y9

Hours: Sunday to Friday
9am-3pm drop-in or appointment

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